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-sad and tearful




-loss of enjoyment


-loss of interest in sex




-emotionally detached







"Identify and acknowledge how you are feeling, this is an important step"

-I'm afraid of becoming a parent

-I don't like being a parent, I miss my    old life

-Other parents seem to be better at   this than me

-I'm so worried all the time, I wasn't   like this before

-Parenthood is putting a strain on   my relationship

-I don't enjoy being around my baby

-This is supposed to be a happy time   but why don't I feel this?

-I can't be intimate anymore 

-I want everything to be just perfect 

-I can't ask for help, I'm supposed to   be able to cope

-Why is my partner not involving me?

-I'm failing at this

-I worry about being a good parent, I didn't experience a good childhood

"Some common parent thoughts, what are you thinking?"

-accepting myself in this new role

-feel more confident of my parenting

-alleviate sadness and depression

-reduce anxiety and stress

-increase my self esteem & self belief

-bond and enjoy my baby

-share the parenting responsibility

-improve intimacy and     communication in my relationship

-make time for self care

-build my resilience

-increase my network support

-to find joy in the simple things

-accept I'm a good enough parent

-improve my concentration

-change negative thoughts   & feelings 

-break unhelpful patterns of   behaviour

-to be kinder to myself

"What do you need that would help you cope, improve your mental health and wellbeing?"

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